Monday, November 26, 2012

"I love you teacher"

The door opens.

I step forward and smile.

Yes, there’s Zing Wong.  Every Monday and Wednesday evening he will wait for his teacher and open the door for her.

It was nice teaching somebody. It was great to share and spread the knowledge. Though is not that biggie thing but still for a 6 years old boy it’s more than that.

It’s kind of easy for me as I don’t have to do any revisions before I start teaching. Facing with my research from morning till evening and Alhamdulillah I do not have to do revisions before teaching. It’s holiday and no tuition for PMR and SPM students.

Deep down in my heart, I am dreaming of sharing all those things with the Muslims children.  But at this moment, Allah gives me great chance to invite others towards the beauty of Islam.

Every time I finished teaching and going back to hostel, I am wondering about Zing Wong’s future, about his family future. Why I am so afraid of inviting them towards fitrah. Allah, I am not that strong. But In shaa Allah slowly I will try my best to show the best akhlaq. Dakwah bil hal! InshaAllah!

For the last two weeks, I used to say..“Zing Wong, please do your very best and try to finish your homework and I’ll give you chocolate next week ok?”

With his broad smile he replied to me “Yeah….I also will give chocolate ok teacher?”
“You don’t have to Zing Wong”….

He always said that “I love you teacher”. Four words are enough to make me feel released. Alhamdulillah. And at that moment, I’m thinking of my liltle brothers and sisters at home.
And the next following week I bring chocolate for Zing Wong as I promised. Right after I give him the chocolate, he gives me the nice drawing together with Kit Kat and jelly.

No words to describe my feeling at that time. I still remember when I wear purple tudung, he loves it and he draws my face when I’m teaching him. But the drawing is not that nice compare to this one. Zing Wong…you are very innocent and pure.

The evening starts with something yummy!:)

“Ok Zing Wong, let’s start with Bahasa Melayu first ok?, Today we gonna learn Bahasa Melayu for 2 hours and on Wednesday we gonna have Mathematics and English ok?”
“Ok teacher!!!!” He looks excited.

“Ok, but before that you may eat your chocolate”…

“Ermm, so yummy teacher!!!”

Zing Wong then opened my beg and try to find his chocolate that he gives to me.

“Teacher, eat this and tell me whether it’s yummy or not”…He’s laughing.

He’s just 6 years old and going to be 7 next year. Only know a little bit of Malay words and able to speak English, but not that fluent. His mother is housewife and it’s hard to communicate with her because she only knows Chinese and 10% English. Zing Wong always be the middle person for me and his mother. 

His father works as businessman but always care for his children. He never refuses to accept a Muslim teacher for his son. Luckily his father knows English very well and can speak Indonesian too. Thank you Mr Raymond!

Thanks Zing Wong for the nice drawing. I really appreciate it! I promised him to put his drawing in my blog.

May Allah bring you towards Islam. If I’m not the one who directly invites you towards Islam, I’m hoping and praying that Allah will help you one day in trigerring yourself to find the true religion. Amiin Ya Rabb!

To my little brothers and sisters, I love you all so much. Be nice towards others and appreciate whatever knowledge you got. In shaa Allah, may Allah bless us in our journey towards gaining His knowledge.

Our pure intention is very essential aspect in determining our next journey!

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