Monday, March 7, 2011

English & me Part 1

"Siiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii".....opsss..then I just smiled broadly. There she was. Cik Nona started yelling at me. I was like sweating profusely and this time I can't stand it anymore. Class in the morning and spend the whole evening with practicing Choral Speaking. For me, it was very tired when you have to repeat the same sentences and the same facial expression.

Cik Nona started yelling at me because I started to do unnecessary facial expression and it's all because I am tired. Huhu, Cik Nona yelling but then she smiled. Yes, she knew me very well and she was my mom's best friend at that school. I was lucky because my mom teaches at the same school and all the teachers at that school knows me and I have the chance to participate in some of the events at that school. Allah gives me great opportunity, but frankly speaking, at that time, I'm just a little girl who does not really understand what is going on surrounding me and I just follow everything in front of me.

Until I went to my Secondary School, I met teacher Nisa. She was a daughter to Senior Assistant of Student Affairs, Pn. Hasna. She was my English teacher until I was in Form 3, then Miss Yap took her place. Teacher Nisa always motivate her students by leaving honest comments at the end of essays which written by her students. I love her comments so much because she said that I'm a good writer and I had the potential. When I read those comment, I felt very motivated and thus makes me want to do very well for every essays that she asked to. Same goes to Miss Yap. I am so sorry that I used to hate literature. I don't know why.
But as time goes by, I started to love it but not as my interest. I prefer Malay literature rather that English one. Perhaps there are some figures that had influenced me.

Sir Tan was a great English teacher. I attended his tuition class. I learned so many things from him. How to write good Essays, learn new vocabularies, writing good sentences and many more. It really helps me in writing essays at school and also during my examination. I was touched when I got a phone call from him asking me about my PMR results. He was very happy since I managed to get all A's. Subhanallah. Thanks Sir!

It doesn't stop until that point, because besides my lovely English teachers, my mom influenced me too. She is an English teacher and Alhamdulillah, last year she managed to finish her degree in TESL at Open University, and I still remembered when she studied with her little boy besides her. At that time Adam was about 2 weeks old. You are very strong mom, I admire your spirit!:)

During my secondary school I just noticing that my mom always read the newspaper out loud. And I love the way she read it. I started to imitate her. She would buy either New Strait Times or The Star. We do not have to buy Malay newspaper since father always bring it from his office. Mom always encourage us to read English materials but not all of us would love to do so. As for me, reading English materials gives me great satisfactory in terms of pronouncing the words and indirectly I learn grammar. I'm not that superb in English but I still can survive. Alhamdulillah. It comes from Him indeed. I was surrounded by Chinese and Indians who always speaking and I was compelled to speak too. Probably it was because my school surrounding that makes me today. Perhaps.

I was just grateful to be destined in that school and given the chance to learn and learn. Some of my friends have to struggle their best to be good in English, and I need to help them. Of course I'm not the right person but at least I want to help them as far as I can. Those memories of school times always be in my mind. I'm so sorry if you guys can detect any grammatical errors in this writing because it's just the spontaneous one that suddenly makes me feel like I want to write something about English and me. It has been a long time I never write in English in this blog. Well, this is only Part 1. To be continued with the journey right after my secondary school. The journey that Allah has put me in. Alhamdulillah.To let you know that as a Muslim in this current world, we should master this language apart from other branch of knowledge.

To be continued.


Adam Meerza said...

Well done CT,keep on writing.

nurilham7 said...


nice writing sis!

my blog already 'bersawang'..i've lost the momentum to write..ngee~~

caliph said...

Syukran mak:)

Nur, blog ekau lamo dah tak update eden tertunggu2..huhu